Living beyond hope

Allowing joy to reenter your heart.


June 2016

Out of order

2016 Thank you for visiting my blog. And for sharing this part of my journey with me. This blog is about self exploration. Moving away from surviving through my daughter's addiction. Learning to slowly allow joy back into my life.... Continue Reading →

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Looking back: I was barely hanging on 

2016 In case you were wondering if it's true, it is. Whatever it is. Because at this point I'm too tired to defend or say otherwise. My daughter suffers from a sickness called consequences. And although on its own it... Continue Reading →

That feeling: Blessed

2016 I've been waiting for this, praying, hoping, and yearning for this. And I now understand, miracles like this just can't be rushed. I hope YOU who is reading these words believe that your miracle is coming. Does that sound... Continue Reading →

Me and my girl

2016 To celebrate the Fourth of July, we went to Subway for sandwiches and walked down to the waterfront. There were a lot of people out dressed in red, white and blue. Couples holding hands, children giggling, friends taking selfies,... Continue Reading →

The addict

2016 It's nearly time for me to take the 2-hour drive to go see her, and I can feel the stress building up inside me. Tears dripping from my heart, I'm afraid. Figuring the addict will be whispering in her ear... Continue Reading →

Feeling grateful

A page from my journal. It's amazing what the warm sun on your face and some fresh air can do for you soul.

It’s telling 

Have you ever wondered where to find material on addiction at your local bookstore? I did. And guess where it's located.

It’s Father’s Day 

A page from my journal. Yes, it's Father's Day. And I wonder what that means to my daughter She was in treatment for the second time the day she received the news that her grampa had passed away. It was... Continue Reading →

Nothing to say

A page from my journal. I guess I've been silent because, either I don't have much to say, or I just haven't felt like talking. Makes sense. And although this post may be brief... know that I am holding on,... Continue Reading →

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