A page from my journal.

It’s happy. The feeling, that is.

As the mother of an addict, it can best be described as the kind of happy that can only come from experiencing the deepest heartache. With the deepest sense of appreciation, I feel hope for a brighter future for my daughter that I had begun to wonder was possible.

And as the cherry blossoms come to life, so too does my daughter. And as the sun begins to shine and the air gets warmer, there’s also a warmth around my heart. Because today, I have my daughter back.

Not only is she safe, and warm, with food in her belly. She is excited, and so am I.

I understand, believe me. I know. Don’t say it. For in this moment, right here. Right now. All feels right in the world.

Today she has 6 days clean and sober. And better yet, she is counting!

Warm hugs,