A page from my journal.

I guess I’ve been silent because, either I don’t have much to say, or I just haven’t felt like talking. Makes sense.

And although this post may be brief… know that I am holding on, and cherishing the moments that I receive a text (or 7) from my daughter telling me she is ok.

Sometimes it’s 2 words, “hey mama.” Other times it’s 6-7 longwinded confusing text messages telling me how much she loves me and how sorry she is.

It just depends on the day.

There will be days or weeks in between, with dozens of unanswered messages from me to her asking for a reply.

And I am tired more often than not, as I try to keep my mind busy.

Today I feel numb, though it’s temporary. Until I forget for a little while, or the next wave of hope or panic sets in. And so it goes.

Daily, I try to inspire and encourage others. It helps me to feel necessary. Some days are harder than others.

My wish tonight is for you who is reading this to have peace in your heart. It’s true. I’m grateful to you for reading my words. As silly as it sounds it helps me to feel less alone.

Sending love, faith, hope, and courage to my daughter. Praying she has a soft/safe place to lay her head tonight.