I’ve been waiting for this, praying, hoping, and yearning for this.

And I now understand, miracles like this just can’t be rushed.

I hope YOU who is reading these words believe that your miracle is coming. Does that sound silly? If so, that’s okay. Just don’t give up.

Please don’t ever give up on your loved one. Or your right to be happy.

I went to a meeting with my daughter on Friday night. First of all, wow. What a statement. I believe the last meeting I went to with her was about 10 or 12 months ago.

Friday’s topic was on higher power, and just so happened to be something we’d been discussing at length right before the meeting.

She was afraid to share, yet she trusted herself and talked to the group about faith and trusting her path and her higher power. That night she also found a sponsor.

Faith. It’s been the missing piece. Those are her words, not mine. I’ve known this to be true for some time, but for it to truly mean something in her life, it had to come from her. She admitted she’d given up and had started to believe she couldn’t get clean.

She has spent the last 2 nights with us in a row. She woke me up with a cup of coffee yesterday morning, and last night we enjoyed a full dinner together. She ate and had seconds.

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And when I woke up this morning, she was still here. Asleep. Safe and sound. I love to say that.

Yesterday, we had chatted about my blog, and I reminded her that if she ever starts to feel uncomfortable with what I’m sharing that I want her to let me know.

She 100% supports my writing, and I’m so grateful that she trusts me. My goal with this blog has never been to expose her or label her. I’ve only wanted to bring clarity to my life, to help others, and part of me has always hoped I’d find support for her.

Along the way, I am simply learning to trust my own process, as I am learning to trust hers.

Yesterday we realized that she will have 60 days sober this Mother’s Day. My cup runneth over.

Such a blessing.