A page from my journal.

After a long and emotionally exhausting day, I can lay my head down tonight knowing my daughter has a safe place to lay hers. And by the grace of God she has another chance at recovery.

She has a long road ahead of her… shit, she’s afraid.

Afraid of being sick, afraid of treatment not working, afraid of letting down her friends, her family. Most of all, she’s afraid of relapsing.

So tonight, I’m sending you who is reading this an abundance of strength and courage to carry you through the night.

Sweet dreams to my beautiful girl. Try and rest easy tonight. The hard work starts tomorrow.

Update: The very next day, her addict boyfriend and his enabling dad made the 150-mile drive to swoop in and “rescue” her from treatment.

Rescuing her from one of the best treatment centers in the state. A program that took months and months to get her into.

The truth is that the people surrounding our addicted sons and daughters are not invested in them getting healthy. Because it forces them to look at their own lives. Navigating through these toxic relationships is no less than excruciating.

And so it goes.