There have been soo many times over the years when my inability to cope with my daughter’s addiction and my evident inability to be the parent she needed me to be led me to isolate deep into sadness.

A depression that would paralyze me for extended periods of time where I would deeply question my worth.

It was early 2014 that I started to slowly claw my way out of the darkness. By encouraging and sometimes forcing myself to choose positivity over and over. And over again. As many times a day as necessary. Choosing love and light to bring me back to life.

I remember when I first started blogging. When I first started sharing messages of hope. It was a time when I was feeling so misunderstood. So alone.

The blogging started a few months before my dad died suddenly. (That’s how I keep track of time. Before and after my dad’s passing.)

All these years later. Daily. I search for, find and celebrate moments of joy. Choosing positivity daily. Videoing moments. Creating positive momentum whenever possible. No matter how seemingly small.

Appreciating the beauty of life.

Because when you are faced up against a loved one’s powerful addiction. Sometimes it’s in these tiniest moments of joy where you find the fuel needed to keep going. Especially  when you feel too tired to go on.

Here are a few such moments: