Blogging to the sound of my voice.

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. My posts are more sporadic than I’d like, but I continue to try and share my thoughts with you. In hopes that I can be there for someone and help them feel comforted and less alone. We’ll get through this together. With love.

I’ve been waiting for you.

It seems like years. Take a moment and breathe. Feel your feet on the ground. The earth can hold you now. Your work is done. Let your eyelids rest. And just breathe. Did you notice? You’re still here. You’re still breathing. Your heart still beats. Open your eyes now. Look around you. Do things seem… Continue Reading →

More lessons, I’m bored.

I mean this is really starting to seem over the top. More lessons. More learning. More discomfort. More seeing a reflection of me, less seeing the daughter of mine. More lessons., and I’m bored of it. Bored of seeing the little girl I was, who didn’t see herself. It’s difficult. She being me. She’s fleeting…. Continue Reading →


July 2015: It’s when I’m alone with my thoughts that I’m the most vulnerable. The silence is deafening when it surfaces feelings of heartache, disappointment, fear, and worry. In the blink of an eye, the days so carefully counted have reset back to zero. Leaving behind a familiar stranger named “flu”. Reflecting on the warning… Continue Reading →

My daughter is an artist 

August 2015: Last night, I was looking through my daughter’s pictures on facebook, and what I saw surprised me. I saw her photos in a way I’ve never seen them before. It was as if I was looking at life through her eyes for the very first time. Don’t get wrong, I’ve always known my… Continue Reading →


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