Living beyond hope

Allowing joy to reenter your heart.



I’ve been waiting for you.

It seems like years. Take a moment and breathe. Feel your feet on the ground. The earth can hold you now. Your work is done. Let your eyelids rest. And just breathe. Did you notice? You're still here. You're still... Continue Reading →

More lessons, I’m bored.

I mean this is really starting to seem over the top. More lessons. More learning. More discomfort. More seeing a reflection of me, less seeing the daughter of mine. More lessons., and I'm bored of it. Bored of seeing the... Continue Reading →


July 2015: It's when I'm alone with my thoughts that I'm the most vulnerable. The silence is deafening when it surfaces feelings of heartache, disappointment, fear, and worry. In the blink of an eye, the days so carefully counted have... Continue Reading →

My daughter is an artist 

August 2015: Last night, I was looking through my daughter's pictures on facebook, and what I saw surprised me. I saw her photos in a way I've never seen them before. It was as if I was looking at life... Continue Reading →

Seek the perspective of those who understand

Sept 2017: There are things that happen to us, things we never expect to see. Words we’re never prepared to hear. Moments that will change us forever. As a mom, I’ve had many such moments. The truth is, I’m still... Continue Reading →

Today I feel

(Nov 2016) Angry. It feels good to say that out loud. But at times anger seems to rub up a little too close to hate, and that pains me to say out loud - it sounds so ugly. I want... Continue Reading →

A global pause

There will never be a time like this again in our lifetime. A time when each one of us are being asked to pause and assess what's really important. A time when we're being asked to turn our thoughts and... Continue Reading →


Walls are closing in and I'm losing it. Patience among other things. When depression kicks in, my body is the first to know. Exhausted. Aloof. A mute once more. I've been trying. Though trying looks like nothing to no one.... Continue Reading →

Losing my grip

(Feb 2020) I was reminded of something today. Something I've tried to push away. Not wanting it to be true. Distracting myself with scented candles, and freshly moved furniture. New track, hair in a bun. A change of clothes, to... Continue Reading →

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