Living beyond hope

Allowing joy to reenter your heart.



The motel stakeout

2015 With tears in her eyes wrapped up in a blanket. Hugging me she said, "Mom, I'm scared." Rewind. I showed the motel manager her picture, and he said he'd seen her earlier that day. After driving up and down... Continue Reading →

Out of order

2016 Thank you for visiting my blog. And for sharing this part of my journey with me. This blog is about self exploration. Moving away from surviving through my daughter's addiction. Learning to slowly allow joy back into my life.... Continue Reading →

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It’s Father’s Day 

A page from my journal. Yes, it's Father's Day. And I wonder what that means to my daughter She was in treatment for the second time the day she received the news that her grampa had passed away. It was... Continue Reading →

Nothing to say

A page from my journal. I guess I've been silent because, either I don't have much to say, or I just haven't felt like talking. Makes sense. And although this post may be brief... know that I am holding on,... Continue Reading →

Sweet dreams

A page from my journal. After a long and emotionally exhausting day, I can lay my head down tonight knowing my daughter has a safe place to lay hers. And by the grace of God she has another chance at... Continue Reading →

One day at a time, and so on.

A page from my journal. Hm. I guess I can see how someone might think that sobriety solves everything - uhh, sadly no. It definitely won't fix all your problems, heck your problems may seem worse after you get clean.... Continue Reading →

Finding my voice

A page from my journal. My quest to find my voice has been long. And big picture I just want the freedom to say what I want or need to say without offending, disrespecting, or hurting anyone. Seems doable. I... Continue Reading →

What do you see?

A page from my journal. You may look and see an addict. A homeless person. You may watch from afar. Holding your purse/wallet a little tighter. Forgetting to say hello, or to smile and make eye contact (just because). To... Continue Reading →

Jekyll & Hyde

A page from my journal. It's tough to say who I'll be visiting tomorrow. Will it be my daughter, whom I know and love? Or will it be the addict They are not the same people, though they share the... Continue Reading →

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