Living beyond hope

Allowing joy to reenter your heart.



My daughter is an artist 

August 2015: Last night, I was looking through my daughter's pictures on facebook, and what I saw surprised me. I saw her photos in a way I've never seen them before. It was as if I was looking at life... Continue Reading →

The wreckage

2017 Sometimes it's easier to speak about pain in a riddle. Feeling dizzy there she goes. Taking another spin through the revolving doors, as I fight to stay strong and not fall apart. Rewind to those precious days a short... Continue Reading →

It’s happy

A page from my journal. It’s happy. The feeling, that is. As the mother of an addict, it can best be described as the kind of happy that can only come from experiencing the deepest heartache. With the deepest sense... Continue Reading →

Seek the wisdom

There are things in your life that you never expect to see. Words you are never prepared to hear. Moments that can change you, ever so slightly. As a mom, I've had many such moments. Some beautifully good, others unimaginably... Continue Reading →

The ugly truth

A page from my journal. Can you guess what it is? For me, the ugly truth has been discovering that all the horrific things we've heard, read, or seen on tv or in the movies about addiction... are true. It's... Continue Reading →

To the parent of the addict

A page from my journal. I'm putting it all out there. For other parents of addicts who may be struggling, or anyone else who has thought about giving up. I want you to know that you WILL get through this.... Continue Reading →

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